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Why stripe should be your unabashed favorite payment gateway

You most often face the situation when you need to send payments to more than one person and those too in some complicated loop and you wish you could have some well-organized system for this purpose. What if we say that the system that does so is already available? Yes! There is a platform named Stripe that takes care of not only your complicated payments but also gives you access to other amazing services.

The major goal of stripe is to build economic infrastructure for internet and increase the global GDP.

People choose payment gateways for many reasons like easy management, scheduled payments, transaction fees and maximum support. Stripe supports online businesses from small startups to huge and well flourished ones. It introduces new and cool features almost every week. Some awfully amazing features of Stripe are discussed below.

Test stripe payments before accepting original payments

Stripe allows you to make trail payments before doing real transactions. You are provided with test credit card numbers to make these transactions. By entering your email and a password you can even get a trail account to use before setting up an original one and this will take only a few seconds. The test account dashboard will be like the original account’s dashboard.


The pricing of each successful transaction is 2.9% + $.30 which is not high and is fair enough. Using Stripe you can send invoices of up to $1 million for free to customers. It charges no monthly fees, setup fee or any other hidden charges. You can avail rare services as multiple currency transfer option and instant payout volumes for just 1% extra fee each. Stripe supports many international cards including Visa, Mastercard, ACH, JBC, UnionPay, American Express (without processing fee) and Maestro etc.

Discounts and coupons

You can create a coupon and it can be sent specifically to a subscription and generally to a customer. These coupons provide discounts to people on recurring charges. It can be applied to every invoice or just one for a certain time limit according to your choice. You can also apply it to every subscription a customer has.

Informative infographics

Infographic is actually a visual guide to your credit card processing fees and other rates as these are difficult to understand for most people. Getting this rough and statistical data through graphics makes the process clearer and more enjoyable.

Easy integration

All the major eCommerce platforms support Stripe and that is the reason why it is so simple to integrate it with the software cart of yours. If you are a developer, then you have a plus point because you will be able to get documentation regarding your credit card payments in simple codes that will make the process extremely easy for you. Stripe checkout allows you to collect credit card details safely and quickly. Thus, integrating Stripe with other e commerce platforms can help you in error handling, validations and payment information. Here it is noteworthy that stripe can integrate to more than 610 apps.


Stripe is recognized world wide for the services it provides and transparency. It enjoys high satisfaction level of customers and in addition to the above mentioned features there are many other advantages of creating and using stripe account that include

  • Setup subscription payments
  • Micro payment support for then transactions including less than $10
  • Well organized reminder system
  • Access to many new features updated weekly and monthly
  • Billing support
  • Compatibility with Apple-pay and Android-pay

Expanding horizons

Unfortunately stripe does not have Pakistani presence and it works in round about 30 countries. So, the people of Pakistan face a lot of difficulties while creating and using their account from Pakistan. They even can’t fulfill the basic criterion (short guide about requirements for creating stripe account from Pakistan LINK) of it. So, here comes the need of expanding horizons and to overcome this hurdle some amazing platforms like Ejad plus (official website LINK) are providing their services to make you smoothly open an account while sitting in Pakistan.

We don’t want you remain such excellent features of stripe and so are ready to assist you in the process of creation of your own stripe account from Pakistan. (how to create stripe account from Pakistan LINK)