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Payment issues faced by Pakistani Freelancers and Solution to them PayPal in Pakistan

With each passing day, there is a rapid increase in the number of people working as freelancers. Freelancers are generally referred to as self-employed people and not necessarily committed to a particular client. They can work on both short-term and long-term projects depending on what suits them.

In a recent report, Pakistan has become the fastest-growing freelance market in Asia. It is shortly behind the United States (78%), United Kingdom (59%), and Brazil (48%) with an exceptional growth rate of 47% per year. 

According to Online Labor Index published in 2017, Pakistan is ranked as the 4th most popular country for freelancing. It has the top freelancers around the world but still suffers a lot of problems, especially when it comes to cash withdrawal. 

Most commonly used platforms by Pakistani Freelancers

Over the past few years, Pakistan has been producing numerous freelancers. Most of them work on more than one freelance platform to earn money, whereas some freelancers only work on a single freelance platform. The most commonly used platforms by Pakistani freelancers are:

Payment methods accepted by Freelancing platforms

Let’s first have a look at the payment systems offered by the popular freelance platforms.


Fiverr offers four main cash withdrawal options to its users that are: 

  1. U.S. Bank Account
  2. PayPal
  3. Payoneer
  4. Wire Transfer


There are five payment methods for withdrawing funds for its users in Pakistan.

  • Direct to Local Bank.
  • PayPal.
  • Payoneer.
  • Wire Transfer(USD)
  • Direct to U.S. Bank(USD)


The available withdrawal methods are the following:

  • Express Withdrawal
  • Wire Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Freelancer Debit Card 

Challenges faced by Freelancers during Cash withdrawal in Pakistan

Some freelancers work to polish their skills whereas, the majority of the freelancers work to earn a living through it. Just think about those people who work tirelessly for a project but couldn’t get their money on time. Some of the main challenges faced by Pakistani freelancers are:

  1. Difficulty in sending and receiving money worldwide.
  2. Pakistani freelancers are offered fewer payment options than other global freelancers.
  3. Not getting payments on time because of the time taken by banks in verifying payments.
  4. No PayPal existence.
  5. FCA has ordered to freeze all Payoneer PrePaid MasterCard.

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Payoneer was the most widely used option by people for the cash withdrawal system but now FCA has ordered to freeze all Payoneer cards. Which means no freelancer would be able to withdraw cash from their accounts. This has become a major issue for freelancers today. 

Solution to Cash withdrawal problems

PayPal already had no Pakistani existence due to which people used Payoneer and now Payoneer cards are also been frozen. So what now?

There is nothing to worry about. Even though Pakistan has no PayPal existence but Ejad Plus is here for its freelancers to help them make legal PayPal account for themselves and do their freelance work without any worries. 

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Once done with PayPal account then all freelancers can get their money on time and continue to work. 

Wrap up

Freelancers are one of the most important working forces of a country. Especially when it comes to bringing money to the total revenue of a country. It is estimated in a report that Pakistani freelancers generate a calculated amount of $0.5 billion entirely from freelancing.

Ejad Plus helps all Pakistani freelancers do their work without any tension regarding cash withdrawal issues by helping all of them get PayPal accounts.