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Investor Connect

Connect with top investors, get guidance on fundraising, and access capital when you need it.

Since 2018, Ejad Labs has worked with 200+ startups from across Pakistan, made introductions, and connected startups to top investors.

How it works 

1. Apply for an introduction

Fill out the application form and give us details about your company 

2. Application review

Our review board chooses startups that fulfill the criteria 

3. We share your startup with investors

We share your startup details with our network of 500+ investors. 

4. Connect with Investors

We personally introduce you to investors who have an interest in your business 

Network of 500+ investors

Get connected.
Get funded.

Ejad has helped us at Swag Kicks immensely by organising beneficial workshops. With this new feature I hope Ejad Labs will help us with our continuing fundraising effort as well. We’ve worked with international angel syndicates before but now looking forward to what Ejad has to offer.

Nofal Khan, CEO Swag Kicks (Techstars Toronto Accelerator)

Ejad has been instrumental in helping Remotebase raise capital. They were the ones that connected us to our lead investor for our seed round. Since then, with the help our investors and capital Remotebase has achieved exponential growth. This would not have been possible without Ejad.

Qasim Asad Salam, CEO Remotebase

Scribe Audio raised their undisclosed pre-seed round last November. Ejad Labs made a lot of intros which helped cut down the overall fundraising time. Ejad also helped with incorporation and setting up when we were starting out.

Ali Zia Khan, Founder Scribe Audio

I’ve found Arzish Azam to be one of the most selfless contributors to Pakistan’s tech ecosystem and Ejad Lab’s Investor Connect program is a perfect example of how he goes out of his way to make meaningful intros (without expecting anything in return)! Keep up the great work Arzish!

Tariq Ellahi, Founder, Daewoo Adda

Any more questions?

I’m an investor and would like to be added to the Investor Connect program.

Send us an email at invest@ejadlabs.com.

Want to build your investor pipeline?

Our investor database is a curated list of the best investors, filterable by investment stage, industry, check size, location, and type.

Who will my information be shared with?

We have a private database that will only be available to our network of investors. We won’t share any information publicly.

Why is Ejad Labs doing this?

We want to help entrepreneurs succeed, and we know that capital is the lifeblood of high-growth companies. Making Investor Connect public is our attempt to remove some of the obstacles that founders face when fundraising, so it’s easier for them to grow.

Is Investor Connect an accelerator program?

No. Ejad Labs focuses on the process of fundraising and we do not currently provide any funding to companies. We don’t make any money from Investor Connect Program. We provide guidance, access to investors, and distribution channels to give founders more leverage in the fundraising process.