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How to Withdraw Money from Upwork as a Pakistani Freelancer?

Did you know over the next 6 years, 43% of the US population will turnabout to freelance work? Hence, we perceive freelancing is becoming a peak for many workers. But why? Because according to a report, 90% of US businesses hire independent professionals to power their business because of the wide talent spread all over the globe. 

And there are a lot of growing freelance websites like

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • 99designs
  • Peopleperhour
  • Fiver

A Priority of copious freelancers

Among all of them, many freelancers prefer Upwork because of protected privacy. Almost 5 million clients rely on Upwork for discovering the topmost talent for their task. The Upwork calculated stats show that there are 12 million registered freelancers including developers, designers, content creators earning a handsome amount per hour. Thus Upwork is becoming the largest business marketplace for freelancers also across borders. 

How Upwork pay its freelancers?

Regarding Upwork payment methods, there are several mediums but right now Pakistanis working on Upwork has only five cash withdraw sources: 

  • Direct to the local bank 
  • PayPal (third-party payment vendor)
  • Payoneer
  • Wire Transfer(USD)
  • Direct to U.S. Bank(USD)

What’s the big deal then?

Enlisted the above payment methods what will be the choice of many freelancers? Or round the clock, what if Upwork freelancers need urgent money, as urgent as they can’t wait for 2-3 days, so what’s the asap way out of all? 

They can’t rely on money transfer through bank nor do they can rely on Payoneer anymore because of the latest update

So the ultimate alternate leftover with Pakistani Upwork freelancers will be PayPal which is the fastest and securest service. Though, it is not operated in Pakistan without having United States bank account. 

Then how Pakistani Upwork freelancers should get PayPal account?

Relying on the services of PayPal and not having the option of PayPal in Pakistan, then how to register PayPal account and withdraw money? 

Oh yeah! Because Ejad Plus has stepped in to support many non-US residential Upwork freelancers. Now they can get a PayPal bank account with the help of the Ejad Plus service. Instead of stressing and wasting precious time, save, and let’s get on with our reliable services for opening a PayPal bank account. For further details:

Wrap up

The role of freelance is becoming a new normal all over Pakistan. Therefore, no worries regarding payment methods because now Pakistani freelancers can also possess PayPal bank account and relish the life because of Ejad Plus. Thus, Upwork is a great way for a client connection to innumerable freelancers, but when working across the border payment method is really matters.