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How to setup and use stripe account from Pakistan

Stripe is the most trusted payment gateway used for online payment and in e commerce. The complicated problems like payments involving more than 2 individuals, recurrent transactions and others get simplified when you use stripe. Many Tech-Forward businesses like Amazon,, UNICEF, shopify etc. use stripe for their payments.

If you want to enjoy the experience of money transfer and get bonuses like easy re billing, discounts and coupons codes, informative interface including graphs and charts etc. then you should get yourself registered on stripe. Although stripe allows the residents of almost 30 countries (unfortunately Pakistan is not among them) to make account on its platform, but you can still create your own account while sitting in Pakistan.

Steps to create stripe account from Pakistan:

To setup stripe account from Pakistan follow the steps given below:

Go to

Give general information

Add you’re your email, full name and password.



(You can sign in from the same page after creating an account.)

You will see the following screen


Verification of email

As you see the option of get your API number and Activate your account are locked so you will first have to verify your email address,

Now click on verify your email address and following screen will appear


Open your email account to verify your account

You will receive an email from stripe, if not then click on the resend email option from the previous step.

The screen of email received will look like this


Open the email and click on the Confirm email address


The next screen will ask you to enter your password and email

After entering your email and password click on confirm your email option.


You will be asked to confirm that you are not a robot through a captcha code.

The next screen will tell you about successful verification of your email and it will look like the image given below.


Activation of account

After verification of email address, the lock of option “Activate your account” will get open. It means that you can now go for activation of your account.


5 information checkpoints

To activate your stripe account, you will have to go through filling of 5 main information checkpoints. These 5 checkpoints will be shown on the left side of screen as


First checkpoint; business details:

In business details you will be asked about Business phone number

  • Business type
  •  Employer identification number (optional)
  • Business website
  • Business description
  • And at the end you’ll have to tell that how much does it take your customers to receive the services after they pay?

The screen asking these questions will look like the one given below.


Second checkpoint; business representative:

The next step is to fill the column of business representative which will ask you about

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Last 4 digits of your social security numbers

Third checkpoint; credit card statement:

You will have to add the details given in the picture given below.


Fourth checkpoint; Bank details:

You can only enter details of your bank account that is registered in the US. So, if you don’t have it and can’t go to the US as it requires physical presence of a person, you can let Ejad plus do it for you.


Fifth checkpoint; 2 Steps verification:

You can either use text message verification technique or an authenticator app. For text message authentication you should have a US number.


Submit application

After authentication you will be asked to submit your application of opening a stripe account for which you will be asked to simply click on submit application option. It is better to read the services and agreements before you agree to them.


After this you will once again be asked to confirm your email address. This verification will unlock the option of get your test API keys.

Getting test API keys

Payments you send or receive are not processed by card networks and payment providers so in test mode you enter your API test keys. Click on the option and it will be in front of you.


Getting live API keys

To get your live API keys you will have to activate your account. Once your account becomes active you will be given access to your live API keys.

Wrap up

Being a Pakistani if you have a US bank account, EIN number, US mobile number and address then you can easily register yourself with stripe on the other hand if you don’t have these things then you will have to suffer. You can entrust the task of creating your stripe with some reliable platform like Ejad plus. Do what you can do best and leave the rest to us.