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How to Open PayPal Account from Pakistan

According to an estimate, if PayPal comes to Pakistan around 200,000 freelancers, 7000 registered SMEs and thousands of unregistered e-commerce contributors will get facilitated.

But, unfortunately, PayPal doesn’t seem to come to Pakistan.

Don’t worry! If you are a Pakistani resident needing a PayPal account, now there is a perfectly legal way to get one without traveling to the US.

You can open PayPal Account from Pakistan – Here’s how?

The only legal way to get PayPal as a Pakistani resident is by completing the following requirements for making a PayPal Business Account.

Requirements to Open PayPal Account from Pakistan

  • You must have a registered US company in your name.
  • You must have a Tax ID / EIN Number for your US company.
  • You must have a business bank account in the US, for verifying the PayPal account.
  • You must have a US mailing address for your company, for verifying the PayPal account.
  • You must have a US phone number, which you can get for free using Google Voice, 2ndLine or other services.

How these requirements can be met?

You can find multiple online websites that provide similar services to open PayPal account from Pakistan or you can avail our Ejad Plus service, specially designed for Pakistani residents to get a US Company, EIN Number and Bank Account without traveling to the US.

  • Ejad Plus takes care of all paperwork and legalities to make the process smooth for you.
  • Ejad Plus companies get $500 cash reward upon spending $10K on your debit card in 90 days, thanks to our US banking partner.
  • Ejad Plus can provide you a US mailing address, US Virtual Number or ITIN number as add-ons.

Wrap up:

Ejad Plus is providing everything that you need to open a PayPal Business Account in the US including:

  • Company Formation in the US
  • Company Tax ID/EIN
  • Business Bank Account
  • US Mailing Address / Physical Address
  • US Virtual Phone Number

So, with the assistance of Ejad Plus, anyone from Pakistan can legally set up a US company, company bank account and get verified PayPal Business Account.