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How To Open A Company In USA Being A Non-Resident

Having headquarters in Islamabad and running business in the United States! What an exciting venture it will be but seems to be a scary non-viable practice at the same time. Just because of the impediment of not having a USA visa, you will capitulate your dream business? 

What if you get a chance to make your dream come true with the assistance of an intermediator that will help open your company in United States and provide easement from the start till the end. Follow the given article telling you about the Step by Step process of opening a Company remotely in USA as a non-resident and how Ejad labs plus is assisting you all along the way.

Limited Liability Company (LLC); Legal vehicle to run businesses in USA

For non-entrepreneurs, the best legal vehicle to run businesses from outside USA is LLCs i.e. Limited Liability company. LLC provides an inexpensive and most flexible setup for business owners, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors by maintaining a low tax rate and very manageable levels of bureaucracy and bookkeeping.

Step by step process of forming an LLC from outside the US:

United states are welcoming foreign businesses and have offered simple steps of incorporating as a non-citizen. The steps for forming an LLC are as follows:

Step 1: Select a state:

When you are selecting a state for LLC generation from outside the USA, the best option is to go for the states that are offering minimal or zero taxes. Nevada, Delaware (link to Iqra’s article), and Wyoming are notoriously inexpensive in this regard.

Step 2: Name your LLC:

Naming your LLC is very important for getting an EIN and opening a US bank account for your business. There are some guidelines to following when you are about to name your company:

  • The company name must include the phrase limited liability company or abbreviations LLC/L.L.C.
  • Certain terminologies such as the FBI, State Department, etc. can confuse your LLC with the government agency. The use of such terms is prohibited.
  • The use of restricted words such as University, Attorney, and Banks requires additional paperwork and a licensed individual. If your company is referring to such fields and including such terms is obligatory then Ejad labs plus is here for you in providing licensed individuals and doing the paperwork.
  • Buy your business URL even if you don’t plan to make a website to prevent others from acquiring it.

Step 3: Hire a Registered Agent:

Running a business from outside the US can never be possible without a registered agent. A registered agent is a person or a third party that sends and receives legal papers on your behalf in the USA. These legal papers include official correspondence like document filling, legal summons, official government notifications, tax forms, service of process notices, and a notice of lawsuits. 

Ejad labs plus can be your registered partner acting as a trusted agent playing its role with full responsibility, shipping all the received documents to the headquarters in Pakistan within 2-3 days.

Step 4: File your LLC with the selected state:

Officially filing you LLC you have to file a document, name, Article of organization/ certificate of Formation or Certificate of Organization. This document outlines:

  • Company’s name
  • Your company’s agent’s address
  • Name and legal address of the incorporator
  • Value of authorized shares

Step 5: Creating an LLC Operating Agreement:

An operating agreement is a legal document that delineates the operating procedures, the rights, and responsibilities of each LLC and ownership of an LLC. It is important to create an operating agreement as states ensure that all the business owners are on the same page through this agreement.

Step 6: Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN):

Getting an Employer Identification Number is a weighty step while forming an LLC as it allows you to hire employees, pay taxes and obtain licenses. Now there is no need of having

  • Social security number (SSN)
  • US mailing address
  • Individual tax identification Number (ITIN) 

for getting an EIN. Another good news is that the IRS now allows an online process of getting an EIN. Foreigner entrepreneurs can submit the fax or mail for getting an EIN.

 Step 7: Get a physical US mailing address:

The state you choose for filing your LLC must be having your physical mailing address. You can adopt anyone schemes to do so

Scheme 1:

If you can visit the US by yourself, establish an office in that state or any other residence. But this is the default scheme for ones having no US visa or are not able to visit an established office in states due to other reasons.

Scheme 2:

Give the address of any of your reference (relative or friend) as the mailing address in the US but this scheme not always come true.

Scheme 3:

Contracting with services like Ejad labs plus will assist you to set up a real US mailing address and this scheme is 100% working. They will also receive mail on your company’s behalf, scan and deliver it to you online plus forward the packages out of the country.

Step 7: Open a US Bank Account:

This is the most complicated part of the whole process because:

“According to the US money laundry law, it is obligatory for the person to physically visit the banks as the banks need to know their clients.”

This can only be done by going to the US but Ejad labs plus will not cause you to surrender your dream business as it provides the smooth and effective way of opening the bank account in the US remotely. For more information visit

Dream comes true with Ejad labs Plus Services:

You always have denied your aim of building a company in the US due to the arduous process but now with the assistance of Ejad lab plus services all your paperwork, legal licenses, hiring registered partner in USA, filing Article of organization, creating the operating agreement, getting mailing address, and ultimately opening a bank account will be done quickly and smoothly.