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How to Incorporate a Business In Delaware? Company Registration in US

Delaware is the finest state for incorporation in the US for several non-residents. Because it is considered as a business-friendly state, therefore various stockholders and investors are drawn to Delaware. Moreover, entrepreneurs are more inclined to this state because of Delaware pro-business and pro-privacy laws which are dealt with directly through the involvement of chancellor.

(link: Why Companies Prefer to Register an LLC Incorporated in Delaware)

We are considerably known to all the virtues of Delaware state but how can we incorporate in Delaware?

Steps for incorporation in Delaware:

Select a business name and entity

Choose a business name that suits your product and service for the audience’s ease. Add an identifier, such as Inc. or LLC, that is the best option for your circumstances. Also, conduct a state name check that the chosen name is not already taken.

  • Begin the incorporation paperwork

For filing, a corporation, or LLC, some paperwork is necessary where all the information is arranged, within the department of the state.

  • Filing the annual report of the franchise tax
  • The requirement of business licenses/permits

While filing for the incorporation there is a dire need of permits or business licenses for multiple business types that also include sole proprietorships.

  • Obtaining a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

EIN is very beneficial for tax purposes. Also, it is mandatory for opening a business bank account.

  • Open a business bank account 

EIN is the first and foremost thing for opening a business bank account, plus the paperwork done for incorporation. Other required documents for account opening vary from bank to location.

But why investors favor business bank account alternately using their personal bank account?

Practically observing, it’s the most refined way to keep the personal assets separate from business assets. Hence, venture capitalist or stockholders prefer business bank account.

File for incorporation

Incorporating business filing can either done online by yourself by doing all the required paperwork from the state website or through physically showing presence in US. And both of these is a hugely time-consuming process mentioned above. So many entrepreneurs preferably consider an agent service which is quick, reliable and most important remotely.

Registered service agent 

Ejad plus is here as a registered agent that aids in filing incorporation on time with the level of privacy. Hiring a professional service is an easygoing way to accomplish and execute well.

Also, Ejad plus will work on your behalf with all legal processes like getting Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) and filing the whole paperwork. So let’s begin your journey.