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How Fiverr Freelancers Can Transact Money After Halting of the Payoneer Account?

Payoneer has been forever a favorite choice for many Fiverr freelancers for the payment transactions. Since it is considered to be Fiverr’s partner company and is easily accessible in every part of the world. But to wonderment, it’s not that perfect in real life because of a lot of reasons like it is not offering the best customer service. Along with that, the bank transfers charges a fee and has high ATM fees on the debit card. 

FCA freezes all Payoneer prepaid MasterCards amid Wirecard money scandal


Moreover, considering the latest update reports that FCA freezes all the Payoneer payments amid Wirecard AG issue of bankruptcy. This has become the crux of the matter for all the freelancers, and now instead of, panicking it’s the time for a change.

Other payment methods for Fiverr freelancers

Fiver has some other payment methods for its freelancers like:

  • Paypal
  • Fiverr Revenue card
  • Bank transfer
  • Direct Deposit (Only for US citizen)

Since the fiver revenue card is also not acceptable because your Payoneer Master Card is your Fiverr Revenue Card. So moving onto next, that is Bank Transfer which is quite expensive because it costs $3 per withdrawal. So, what’s the point of spending when you have some other options left with that you can still give a try. 

So the other method mentioned above is Direct Deposit, but you can’t avail that option because its only valid for US citizens. And since you’re Pakistani Fiverr freelancer so now the only possibility left is PayPal. Freelancers can connect PayPal account with Fiverr account for a faster check out. 

PayPal service

In comparison to Payoneer, PayPal is also the most recognized payment method, because of its globally secure network and famous for its authenticity. However, its service is not available in all countries and Pakistan is among one of them, unfortunately, lacking PayPal.

Well! Now you are concerned because you ain’t left with any option. Right! 

But obviously, that’s not the end, and if you really want to have a PayPal account. So Yes! There is one solution and that is Ejad Plus. 

A solution leading towards ease

Though there is no PayPal service in Pakistan yet, Fiverr freelancers can now get PayPal account and withdraw their payments easily and Ejad Plus will do that.

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So your wait is over because we are here to assist you. Let’s just jump in and have your PayPal account and enjoy working on Fiverr.