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US Incorporation

How Ejad Labs can help you to get ITIN Number From Pakistan? US Company Registration from Pakistan

Corporation in the US is a desire for many Pakistani entrepreneurs for easy transactions using PayPal, Stripe and other services like Amazon. But sometimes there can be meager hurdles coming on the way, like tax identification numbers. If you are US citizen so you’ll require SSN, but what if you aren’t a US citizen or non-resident, then?

Then for non-residential, Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) is required to open a bank account. Now you’ll be finding it a problem with your corporate success plan.

How ITIN Number is essential?

ITIN number serves many purposes like if you are planning to do some tasks like:

  • Open a Bank Account for your Corporation
  • Stock Marketing
  • Get Real-estate Income from the United States
  • US-based Income-generating Venture
  • Providing Residency Proof in the US Embassy

For more information regarding ITIN you can read here:

How Ejad Labs Process your Application for ITIN number?

When you submit your application on Ejad Plus we register your company and send ITIN request at your name to the IRS office in the US. After company formation, Company Tax ID and approval of the application, ITINs are sent to applicants through the mail. Probably, ITIN documents will take 3-4 weeks.

Applicants are recommended to submit original documents.

But if we need urgent services to get ITIN?

Promptly getting an ITIN number as a non-resident is the crux of the matter. But to your astonishment, now it’s not that difficult because Ejad plus is here to assist you all along the way.

An authentic and secure service agent

Ejad plus is a registered agent service that is a privilege for many non-residentials who wish to start their company in the US. It facilitates its members undoubtedly with authenticity and full privacy concerns.

Now you can easily get your ITIN through Ejad plus as we don’t need your physical presence at all rather you can send your scan passport application and get your ITIN number as soon as possible either in a week.

We don’t charge any extra fee, rather all government fees are built into our pricing. Hence, you can surely trust our services as it’s the most agile and most protected medians.

Wrap up 

Ejad plus is here to serve through its reliable services. You don’t have to bother about your tax issues as we will manage all your activities related to company formation in the US. Your dreams of incorporating in the US aren’t illusions anymore, rather leading to realty destination.