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Amazon is known as the world’s largest online marketplace and considered one of the Big Four technology companies. It makes it easier for anyone to start a business and grow it easily by reaching millions of regular customers.

Amazon has the highest number of sellers than any other online marketplace. According to a report Amazon has more than 2.5 million sellers currently active selling on the marketplace. 

This clearly shows that Amazon is not like other e-commerce sites and it is easy to use for anyone wishing to sell their products and expand their business. The question that comes to mind is how amazon is supporting its sellers? And how it manages to attract such a huge no of online sellers?


When a seller lists his products on Amazon he automatically gains trust. Due to which most of the customers prefer to buy products through amazon then any unknown shop near to them.

It’s an obvious thing that no one would ever want to buy a product from an unknown shop because of the trust issues with there products. Everyone prefers to buy products from a known source or place which has good customer reviews regarding their products.

Most of the people prefer buying from amazon then any other e-commerce site due to trust factors and many other facilities. In a report, 89% of buyers agree that they are more likely to buy products from amazon than any other e-commerce site.

In simple words, amazon helps sellers increase their sales by putting trust in their products. It also makes it easier for customers to trust those products as amazon promises excellence in their products.


Amazon being the world’s largest online marketplace has the most number of active customers than any other e-commerce site. 

A seller can easily increase his sales by selling through Amazon as it is reported to have more than 300 million active customer accounts. Which means a seller now not only have reach to people of his area or country but globally.

When a seller sign up for Amazon Global Selling he can reach the customers from 180+ countries and in this way amazon helps sellers increase the reach of their product from local to global market.

Amazon helps sellers to expand their business by selling through amazon hence increasing their sales and reaching millions of people out there with their products. According to Joe Jaconi, cofounder and general manager of Tech Armor Amazon has helped grow their business exponentially.


One of the biggest worries of an online seller is to pack and deliver his products on their own. Unlike many other e-commerce websites Amazon has not closed its eyes to the transportation problems of its sellers to customers.

Amazon has made it a lot easier for its sellers by providing them with some facilities. Sellers who are worried about packing and shipping their orders no need to worry about it as amazon offers them  Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). FBA helps sellers save their money and time as now amazon is responsible for handling all your storages along with packing and shipping products to the customers.  

By choosing FBA sellers no more need to worry about their products and instead focus on increasing quality of their products. According to a 2014 study of U.S Amazon sellers, 71% of FBA sellers reported that their unit sales increased by 20% after joining the FBA program.

Final thoughts

Amazon is considered the best online market place worldwide due to the benefits and experience it provides to its customers and the way in which it supports its sellers.

Amazon is increasing in terms of both active sellers and customers but Amazon doesn’t allow Pakistanis to sell through amazon or but something from their website. Which makes amazon useless for Pakistanis as they can’t sell their products and increase their reach.

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