About | Ejad Labs


Ejad Labs is on a mission to redefine the role of business in South Asia.

We host a series of international summits, delivers unique development programs in South Asia, North America and Europe, partnering with governments, corporates, startups and entrepreneurs to pioneer a new way of business.

Based around the globe, the Ejad Labs team is part of a global movement of companies that hold themselves accountable to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance and transparency – redefining how we measure success in business.

Our Values

Be a pioneer

We approach every event, every program and partnership with a clear purpose, clear values and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Collaborate with others

We combine our expertise with the talents and ideas of those around us, so that our work may have greater impact.

Work with compassion

Every decision we make should have a positive impact on the people around us.

Work for inclusion

We believe success is measured by the diversity of people we work for and alongside.

Work for the empowerment of others

We help the individuals changing the world to tell their stories, gain recognition for their work and find new opportunities for collaboration.


Our Team

Arzish Azam, CEO

Arzish Azam is an award-winning community builder who specializes in entrepreneurship and innovation travel. He’s the youngest global graduate from Founder Institute, the Country Manager for Startup Grind Pakistan, CEO of Ejad Labs and the founder of some of the leading tech conferences in the country including Startup Grind Pakistan Conference and the Pakistan Tech Summit. He runs the largest private tech exchange programs to Silicon Valley, North America and Europe, enabling hundreds of Pakistani startups / SMEs in the past 3 years. He has received various international awards and recognition for his work.

He is the brain behind Pak-US Tech Exchange, the largest independent tech exchange program connecting Pakistan and Silicon Valley. His exposure from being Pakistan’s youth representative at Obama’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 in Stanford, Organization of Islamic Corporation’s Youth Entrepreneurship Forum 2017 and 2018 in Kazan, Russia, Startup Grind Global Conference 2018 in Silicon Valley, Web Summit 2018, Startup Grind Barcelona Conference, SXSW2019 and Oslo Innovation Week etc. brings the gamut of relevant experiences and rich understanding of the field. He uses this to empower the youth of his nation with similar worthy global exposures, network, and experiences.

He further leverages his leadership as the Country Manager for Startup Grind Pakistan to create a robust and well-knitted entrepreneurial ecosystem, he’s the lead organizer of the Startup Grind Pakistan Conference which hosted 50+ global tech leaders in Islamabad.

Mehroz Azam, COO

Mehroz has extensive experience in operations, community building and event curation. As the Chief Operating Officer, he leads the execution of the global immersion programs in Silicon Valley, North America and Europe. He was the co-organizer of the Startup Grind Pakistan Conference, the country’s flagship tech conference.

In the past years, he has been responsible for the successful execution of Pakistan’s largest IT delegations/exchange programs in Silicon Valley and Europe featuring 150+ business leaders. He’s also the Co-Director for Startup Grind Pakistan, the country chapter of the world’s largest startup network and he has received a global award from Startup Grind HQ for his stellar performance.

Hasan Samee, CTO

Hasan is a Top-Rated Software Engineer, former Founder of Webify.io (technology platform for drag and drop websites) and LetsDeploy.io (One-click cloud infrastructure deployment solution). He is a natural-born techie and started his first startup in 10th grade. He is one of the pioneering Zend Certified PHP Engineers and has worked on countless technology projects for multinationals. He is the technical advisor of the Pak-US Tech Exchange, Trainer at Government of Punjab’s E-Rozgaar Program, Startup Coach at the International Kazan OIC Youth Entrepreneurship Forum in Russia and regularly represent Pakistan at various international platforms.

He has more than 7 years of experience in software development and have created complex back-end management systems including content management, e-commerce and e-learning. He has done projects based on PHP in conjunction with various other web development technologies including PHP (pure PHP, PHP with OOP, PHP with frameworks), SQL (generic SQL, MySQL), JavaScript (generic JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX), XHTML, CSS, and XML.