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5 Easy Steps to Open Amazon Sellers Account from Pakistan

The largest online marketplace Amazon has enormous opportunities for sellers as 95 million people have its prime membership and there 150 million Amazon users worldwide so if you sign up as a seller on Amazon then you will have a huge addressable audience. Only in year 2014, 2 million sellers were able to sell more than 2 billion items worldwide, so Amazon gives its sellers access to a huge and already well-established customers pool.

Although Amazon doesn’t have a Pakistani presence but it has been reported that almost 70 percent textile product dealers on Amazon source their products from Pakistan so, isn’t it unjust to keep Pakistanis away from this great platform? Definitely YES! and here is how you can also start your store from Pakistan.

So, we believe you should not limit your opportunities and sign up as a seller on amazon today!

Don’t know how to do so? No worries because we are here to help you through it. To create your own seller account on Amazon, go to  https://services.amazon.com you’ll reach the official page of Amazon. Then follow the steps given below.


Don’t hurry and scroll down👇🏻

Right click on the see pricing option under “make money” header as there you will be asked to opt for any option among two. According to your selling plan you will have to choose like, if you plan to sell lesser than 40 products a month then selecting “individual” plan will be your best bet otherwise you can select “professional plan” which will cost you $ 39.99 for extra services.

Picture2Sign up as individual or professional seller:

After selection of appropriate plan enter your email and a password for your seller account. Click on the option “create a new account.” It is the screen where you can open your already existing account or otherwise create new one.


OTP verification:

In the next screen you will be asked to enter a one-time password (OTP) generated by Amazon that will be sent to the email address you provided earlier, and it is meant to verify your email. After this click “Create your Amazon account”.


Business location and Business type:

The next step is to share:

1- Business location that is the country where your business will be present. Amazon will verify it later, so it is very important to provide correct information. Your business location can’t be Pakistan if you don’t own a bank account or residency in some country which Amazon permits to do business. To overcome this hurdle, you need a physical address for which you can take aid from EJAD LABS PLUS because it facilitates you to open a business bank account at its partner US banks along with the provision of a virtual address which you will add here.

2- Business type as you’ll be asked to choose your business entity from the options given below:

  • Publicly owned business
  • State-owned business
  • Privately-owned business
  • Charity
  • None, I am an individual

3- Your full name that should be accurate to resist any issues.

Picture5After this click “Agree and Continue” to go to next step.

Step 1 – Personal Information

For the completion of registration of Amazon seller account, you’ll be asked to provide a number of your personal details which most importantly include a form of identification (either your own passport number or your driver’s license) and your phone number.  as Pakistani phone number will not serve the purpose so you can get assistance from EjadPlus and have your own virtual US phone number in just $ 10.

Picture6Click on ‘next’ to proceed further:

Step 2 – Select Marketplace

After the completion of the ‘Individual Information’ section, check the box below the marketplace(s) and select the place where you would like to sell your products. It actually refers to the location of an Amazon store (e.g. Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, etc.). As Pakistan can’t be used as marketplace location so you will add the address you got from EjadPlus.

Picture7Click ‘next’ once you have selected your marketplace.

Step 3 – Verification through billing information

To make sure the credit card information validity Amazon asks you to enter the number and expiry date of one of your credit cards along with the name that appears on it.

Picture8Add the address that you mentioned earlier and click ‘Next’ to move to next screen. To keep the process transparent EjadPlus makes sure that it provides you actual bills and original documents.

Step 4 – Information for Store/Product(s)

After the validity test of your credit card you’ll be asked some questions related to your Amazon store and the products you have planned to sell.

You will have to tell:

  • Name of your Amazon store
  • If you have UPC codes for your product(s) or not
  • If you are the manufacturer and/or brand owner of the product(s) being sold by you on Amazon
  • If you own a registered trademark for your product(s)

Picture9Click the ‘Next’ button after giving answers to these questions.

Step 5 – Address Validation by Amazon

After completing of all above mentioned steps and successful verification of other information you’ll be asked to confirm the business address that you provided in previous steps.

The address verification screen will ask you to confirm the special code that Amazon will send to your mentioned address through postcard so you will click “confirm” to move ahead. (It may take almost 7 days). EjadPlus sends its customers the postcards as soon as possible to resist verification problems.

Picture10After receiving the postcard, enter the provided code into the “Enter code below” field and right click on “Next” to finish the verification process.

Picture11After verification your registration process will be done.

You can also use 2 step verification on your account for security reasons, but it is not compulsory.

To get started go to https://sellercentral.amazon.com

Your newly made seller account home screen will look like the screen shown below:

Picture12(Your seller profile home screen will obviously have no products at that stage.)

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

The biggest regrets are the opportunities we didn’t take and now when there are perfectly transparent ways to get your store on Amazon you have got a golden chance to prove yourself. Take a chance today because you can never know how absolutely great a simple thing or chance can turn out to be. You might be the next Pakistani to cross the million-dollar mark while selling on Amazon like a guy of Sialkot who earned $ 1.1 million by selling sports goods.

Wrap up:

Amazon does not have a Pakistani presence but just because you don’t have residency in United States or some other country you should not limit the opportunities coming your way as EjadPlus has maneuvered the best possible solutions for you. As you have known the whole process now so, make your own Amazon seller account today!